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Modular Belts & Slat Chains

Modular Belts & Slat Chains

Modular Belts

AVE conveyor components have many applications in various industries including the meat, fish, mining, textiles, chemicals, packaging, Automotive, confectionary, beverage pharmaceutical machinery and appliance construction industries

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Machined tracks offer a convenient and easy way to guide side flexing chain around a corner. Made from Virgin UHMWPE they have a low coefficient of friction, silent operation and permit high speed lines.
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The Most common slat band sprockets are available at RCS Products in moulded plastic, steel, and machined UHMWPE with both Round and square bore.
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AVE & Deslidur Extrude a range of profiles for slat band and roller chain conveyors. Extruded profiles are also used in combination with steel guide rails.
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Ave manufactures a wide variety of slat band chains, in side flexing (880,882) straight running (820, 821) Ave also manufacture Plate top or “flight top” conveyor that uses a side bow roller chain and snap on flights. All chains are available in Low Friction acetal, KV Kevlar and D- Acetal
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