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Elesa Ganter

Elesa Ganter

RCS Products are a proud Australasian agent of Elesa Ganter Products

Elesa + Ganter is a commercial joint venture between the two world leaders of standard machine elements. The joint venture has created market synergies leading to the development of products that are better aligned with the needs of the market they service. The widest range of standard machine elements with a unique design, excellent service and the ability to create customised solutions in a short period of time has been a major result of the joint venture. Trained staff on and on-site machining services ensure that requirements can be easily satisfied when dealing with metal and plastic elements.

Joint Venture points of strength:

  • Technological background of both companies
  • Innovation and extensive industry experience
  • Unique design and customised solutions
  • Optimised and widest range of standard machine elements
  • Product offering driven by market demand
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • Full stock availability with fastest delivery times
  • Excellent service including technical assistance

The joint venture now covers more than 30 industrialised countries.



Elesa has been designing and manufacturing new and innovative machine elements for the mechanical industry for over 65 years. The company has won over 29 international awards in Industrial design and has earned its status as a renowned industry benchmark. To ensure a high level of service and timely distribution, Elesa has modern and flexible manufacturing facilities with fully automatic production units and an immense stock availability. Elesa provide customised solutions through their R&D technical competence



Ganter has designed and manufactured standard machine element for over 100 years. Utilising different metallic materials, Ganter applies a variety of manufacturing methods and surface treatments. As the supplier of choice for standard machine elements, Ganter combines a thorough understanding mechanical engineering needs with expertise in delivering a customised solution. Ganter offers an extensive product range and provide their customers with excellent service as customer orientation is a core value of the business. With a capability in designing and manufacturing special executions for specific customer needs, the company utilises an automated warehouse to ensure timely and complete deliveries.

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