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Stainless Machine Feet

Stainless Machine Feet

RCS Products stocks a wide range of hygienic machine feet and conveyor components that comply with the exacting standards of the food, dairy, brewing and pharmaceutical industries.

Designed for ease of cleaning and to the highest sanitary standards, NGI’s machine feet for belt conveyors and a range of other machines are used globally in the most demanding situations. Catering to a wide variety of industries and requirements, RCS stocks options in stainless steel, plastic (see Tecom components) and rubber.

Stainless Machine Feet

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This diversity can be seen across the RCS Products range of conveyor components, including handwheels, machine handles, joints, controls, guards and more. Contact RCS Products today for more information.

European standard

The company’s range of stainless steel machine feet certified according to 3A sanitary standard "88-00" and EHEDG TYPE EL 1st CLASS include:

  • XH
  • XHF
  • XHT
  • XHTF

All of the above series feature covered threads and slope-adjustability to 10 degrees. These systems have been designed to keep cleaning time to a minimum, specifically for use in environments with the highest hygiene and cleaning requirements

US authority-approved

RCS Products also offers a wide range of stainless steel, plastic and rubber machine feet that are USDA or FDA-approved. Product features within this series include:

  • Slopes from 5-20 degrees admitted
  • Foot can be fixed to absorb vibration
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports very high loads
  • Available with anti-slip rubber
  • Options for use in environments with high thermal contraction and expansion
  • Robust options for light, frequently moved equipment

Other NGI solutions include welding plates and plastic bushings.

Industrial Safety

Hygienic, slip-resistant machine feet are a crucial component of safe industrial workplaces. RCS Products stocks a wide range of automation, manufacturing and conveyor components designed ensure safe work environments, including safety guards for belt conveyors, handwheels, machine handles and more.

For more info on belt conveyors, modular conveyors, conveyor components, machine handles, hand wheels, toggle clamps, safety guards or any other automation solutions call RCS Products: 03 5941 7177 or Submit an online form.