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Modular Conveyors

Modular Conveyors

Modular conveyors are a smart, automated method for directing the movement of items, usually during the manufacturing and packaging process. This type of system is successful in increasing productivity and line efficiency, reducing costs such as labour and package handling as well as providing increased reliability and safety. RCS Products offer a quality range of modular belts such as the B045 Belt, B090 Belt, C075 Fast Module , C136 , W Series and the MC Series.

B045 BELT Conveyor 100-400MM
The B045 Belt Conveyor is an innovative, rational and low cost response to industrial handling needs, applicable in packaging, labelling and printing processes. The design of the modular conveyor makes it easy to use and adjust. Label applicators and inkjet printers are easy additions to the belt conveyor, significantly increasing its functionality.
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B090 BELT Conveyor 500-1200MM
The B090 modular conveyor is a heavier duty version of the B045 belt Conveyor. Able to handle larger and heavier products this particular belt conveyor is applied in end of line packaging for larger products, such as those produced by the FMCG, Tissue, Confectionery and Automotive industry. This particular belt is available in 50mm increments. With a unique belt tracking system side on transfers are no problem. Motor Driven directly from the shaft and a choice of Bonfiglioli or SEW. All featuring high quality and original components and with a full range of accessories.
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The C075 fast module conveyor is a single beam system utilizing table-top chain. The system is suitable for wet and dry running applications and pallet handling, C075 fast module conveyors come equipped with or without a motor. The modular conveyor comes Pre assembled or in a single container. This Chain conveyor is useful for pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Tissue, food and bottling sectors. The flexibility of the CO75 makes it suitable for almost every industry application.
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C136 2010
The C136 modular Chain conveyor system is utilised in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. The belt conveyor easily transports large and bulky items during several stages of the manufacturing process.
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W series 2010
The W Series modular conveyor is useful in all industry operations. Similar in construction to the CO75 the W series offers a wider choice of chain. 44mm chain suitable for small and light packages, 63mm chain for high speed, 83mm is the most common and the work horse of the group, 103mm is most suitable for larger items especially if the product weight is off centre. The 103 has a higher capacity than the smaller models allowing for longer lines. The design of the conveyors makes it possible to convey, divert, rotate, lift, lower and accumulate. The W Series is interchangeable with many common European suppliers.
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