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Indexing Plungers

Indexing Plungers

RCS Products offer a range of components for jigs and fixtures
including indexing plungers, thrust pins, spring plungers, lock pins,
universal joints, eye bolts and toggle clamps.

Indexing Plungers, Cam Action Indexing Plungers, Side Thrust Pins, Spring Plungers, Lock Pins

Indexing plungers are used for locating parts
and are useful in situations where the plunger must be quickly
retracted. These plungers are often used in the tooling and dye
industries as they are effective in aligning pieces to increase the
efficiency of operation. These parts are spring loaded and are also used
in cash register stands and camera tripods.

Thrust pins are also used for the location of
parts. These pins are utilised in repetition work such as in machining
centres, boring or milling, tapping and brazing.

Spring plungers are similar to thrust pins
but are different in shape. Often used commercial for telescopic
products, these plungers locate parts using less force.

Lock pins are suitable for quick fixation or
connection of parts to be positioned. A release button at the base of
the pin allows for quick removal.

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