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Handwheels, Knobs & Levers

Handwheels, Knobs & Levers

RCS Products offer a variety of hand wheels, knobs and levers including spoked or solid hand wheels, crank handles, lobe, star, grip and wing knobs, adjustable handles, lever handles, fixed and revolving handles, T-handles, ball knobs and control knobs.


Spoked Handwheels, Solid Handwheels, Arm Handwheels, Crank Handles

Hand wheels are available in spoked or solid form in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and plastic. A variety of bores are available in plain round, round + key and square. RCS’s also offers a safety handwheel that automatically disengages from a spinning shaft to eliminate a potential industrial accident.

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Lobe Knobs, Star Knobs, Grip Knobs, Wing Knobs

Elesa & Ganter knobs provide a safe and comfortable grip for the operator. Elesa & Ganter have created a range that is second to none. Making full use of the 100+ years experience in manufacturing machine elements they have crafted knobs in Plastic, aluminium, steel, cast iron and Stainless Steel These products also can have antibacterial protection In the new sanline which stops the growth of undesired organisms such as microbes, bacteria, mildew and fungi which cause unpleasant odours, discolouration, degradation and the formation of bio film designed for use in the medical and public transport sectors.

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Adjustable Levers, Lever Handles

Adjustable handles are ideal for situations where a full turning circle is not possible. This is often the case in work places with little available space or obstacles that block work pieces. Lever handles are tightened like a ratchet allowing for repetitive clamping operations with minimal effort. Lever handles are available in Plastic, Zinc die cast and stainless steel. Both male and female threads are stocked from M5-M16.

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T-Handles, Ball Knobs, Fixed Handles, Revolving Handles, Fold-Away Handles

Spherical Ball knobs are available in aluminium, stainless steel and plastic ranging from 12mm-50mm. Ball knobs can have threaded inserts, special self locking bushings.

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Control Knobs, Control Levers, Adjustable Slide Units

Control knobs are used for fine adjustment of laboratory equipment, machine centres etc.

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p>Designed and built to European standards, RCS Products’ industrial work benches have been developed by a global leader in conveyor components and belt conveyors for packaging and bottling.

RCS Products is the sole Australian supplier of Bett Sistemi industrial work benches, creating customised solutions for Australian companies from imported aluminium profiles.

Assembly System

The P.S.M.S (Modular Standard Perimeter Safety Guards) system has round or square Profiles. Customers use the P.S.M.S system to build external safety guards which are fixed to the floor. This system is designed so the customer can order set panel sizes knowing that all the design work is done. An added advantage is identical panes can be re-ordered for new jobs or replacement parts with minimal downtime. The P.S.M.S system is also available in stainless steel with glass for use in the chemicals industry. Modular guarding is integral for workplace safety. The modular guarding offered by RCS Products is a complete solution for industrial automation safety guarding.

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RCS has customisable options suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Contract packaging
  • Contract assembly

Fully customisable

Bett Sistemi customised aluminium industrial work benches are ergonomic and durable. The company’s assembly systems are designed with “lean thinking” principles, which aim to create efficiently-organised businesses at low cost.

Additional accessories include:

  • Key lockable sliding drawers
  • Bottle holders
  • Document pockets
  • Lamps
  • 45 and 60 degree angle support plates
  • Footboards
  • Height-adjustable legs

For more information on specifications, including ergonomic and safety additions, materials, colours, designs and more, view the catalogue or contact RCS Products today on 03 5941 7177.

Sent to you complete or in kit form

Drawing upon extensive experience in supplying modular and pre-fabricated belt conveyors , aluminium profiles and conveyor components, RCS Products can construct and deliver quality customised industrial work benches Australia-wide.

As an additional cost saving, you may choose to assemble yourself from modular aluminium profiles. RCS Products can supply customised components and accessories in ready-to-assemble kits.

For more information on belt conveyors and components, machine handles , handwheels , toggle clamps, aluminium profiles, machine feet and more, contact RCS Products today on 03 5941 7177 or submit and online contact form.

For more info on belt conveyors, modular conveyors, conveyor components, machine handles, hand wheels, toggle clamps, safety guards or any other automation solutions call RCS Products: 03 5941 7177 or Submit an online form.