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GN 822


GN 822

Mini indexing plungers


GN 822

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsSpring pressure in N ?Weight
Descriptiond1 0/-0.06d2d3d4l1l2 min.l3l4 min.A/FPreloadMax. loadg
GN 822-4-B-ST4M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51213
GN 822-5-B-ST5M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN 822-6-B-ST6M10x1251834774.51251824
GN 822-7-B-ST7M10x1251834774.51251825
GN 822-4-C-ST4M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN 822-5-C-ST5M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN 822-6-C-ST6M10x1251834774.51251824
GN 822-7-C-ST7M10x1251834774.51251825

“Push/Pull” knurled knob :
Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Accessories on request (For sufficient quantities) :
GN 609 black-oxide steel distance bushings are available for making up for the length of the threading in case the plunger is assembled on thin sheets.

Features and applications :
GN 822 mini indexing plungers are particularly indicated for assembly on thin metal sheets, thanks to their small dimensions. The technopolymer knurled knob offers a safe and solid grip during operations.

Instructions of use :
When retracting the plunger, the flat faces on the metal body are revealed. Hence the mini indexing plunger can be easily assembled and tightened by means of a hexagonal spanner.

Plunger :
AISI 303 stainless steel. Suggested matching hole with tolerance +0.05 / +0.1.

Standard executions available :
– Type B: without rest position.
– Type C: with rest position – pull the knob and turn it by 30°.

Threaded body :

Zinc-plated steel.


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