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GN 817


GN 817

Indexing plungers


GN 817

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsSpring pressure in N ?Weight
Descriptiond1 -0.02/-0.04l1 min.d2d3d4d5kl2l3l4l5l6A/FPreloadMax loadg
GN 817-4-4-B44M8x1161435165104.51211
GN 817-4-6-B461616143516510412.511
GN 817-5-5-B55M10x11916401861251519
GN 817-5-8-B58M10x11916401861251819
GN 817-6-6-B66M12x1.5232048226146.51932
GN 817-6-9-B69M12x1.52320482261462532
GN 817-8-8-B88M16x1.5282458268178.52668
GN 817-8-12-B812M16x1.5282458268178.52867
GN 817-10-12-B1012M16x1.5282458268179.53869
GN 817-12-15-B1215M20x1.528246733102211.540117
GN 817-16-20-B1620M24x23328.578.53812271354
GN 817-4-4-BK44M8x1161435165104.51212
GN 817-4-6-BK46M8x116143516510412.512
GN 817-5-5-BK55M10x11916401861251520
GN 817-5-8-BK58M10x11916401861251820
GN 817-6-6-BK66M12x1.5232048226146.51933
GN 817-6-9-BK69M12x1.52320482261462533
GN 817-8-8-BK88M16x1.5282458268178.52669
GN 817-8-12-BK812M16x1.5282458268178.52869
GN 817-10-12-BK1012M16x1.5282458268179.53871
GN 817-12-15-BK1215M20x1.528246733102211.540151
GN 817-16-20-BK1620M24x23328.578.53812271354
GN 817-4-4-C440M8x11614351654.51212
GN 817-4-6-C46M8x1161435165412.513
GN 817-5-5-C55M10x119164018651521
GN 817-5-8-C58M10x119164018651822
GN 817-6-6-C66M12x1.52320482266.51935
GN 817-6-9-C69M12x1.523204822662536
GN 817-8-8-C88M16x1.52824582688.52673
GN 817-8-12-C812M16x1.52824582688.52871
GN 817-10-12-C1012M16x1.52824582689.53874
GN 817-12-15-C1215M20x1.5282467331011.540125
GN 817-16-20-C1620M24x23328.578.538121354
GN 817-4-4-CK44M8x11614351654.51213
GN 817-4-6-CK46M8x1161435165412.513
GN 817-5-5-CK55M10x119164018651522
GN 817-5-8-CK58M10x119164018651822
GN 817-6-6-CK66M12x1.52320482266.51936
GN 817-6-9-CK69M12x1.523204822662537
GN 817-8-8-CK88M16x1.52824582688.52675
GN 817-8-12-CK812M16x1.5224582688.52872
GN 817-10-12-CK1012M16x1.52824582689.53877
GN 817-12-15-CK1215M20x1.5282467331011.540151
GN 817-16-20-CK1620M24x23328.578.538121354
GN 817-4-4-G44M8x1M3735164.52.5104.51210
GN 817-4-6-G46M8x1M3735164.52.510412.510
GN 817-5-5-G55M10x1M4840185.531251517
GN 817-5-8-G58M10x1M4840185.531251817
GN 817-6-6-G66M12x1.5M59482273.5146.51929
GN 817-6-9-G69M12x1.5M59482273.51462529
GN 817-8-8-G88M16x1.5M61058268.54178.52661
GN 817-8-12-G812M16x1.5M61058268.54178.52860
GN 817-10-12-G1012M16x1.5M61058268.54179.53862
GN 817-12-15-G1215M20x1.5M61267338.542211.540111
GN 817-16-20-G1620M24x2M81578.53811.55271354
GN 817-4-4-GK44M8x1M3735164.52.5104.51211
GN 817-4-6-GK46M8x1M3735164.52.510412.511
GN 817-5-5-GK55M10x1M4840185.531251518
GN 817-5-8-GK58M10x1M4840185.531251818
GN 817-6-6-GK66M12x1.5M59482273.5146.51930
GN 817-6-9-GK69M12x1.5M59482273.51462530
GN 817-8-8-GK88M16x1.5M61058268.54178.52662
GN 817-8-12-GK812M16x1.5M61058268.54178.52862
GN 817-10-12-GK1012M16x1.5M61058268.54179.53864
GN 817-12-15-GK1215M20x1.5M61267338.542211.540135
GN 817-16-20-GK1620M24x2M81578.53811.55271354

Body :
Black-oxide steel.

Features and applications :
GN 817 indexing plungers offer the following advantages:
– two retracting strokes (l1) per plunger ø;
– identical small dimensions l for type B and C;
– retracting mechanism (type C) is shrouded in part;
– defined thread length by an undercut at the end of the thread.
Version C with keyed knob is used in all the applications where the plunger must not protrude continually. In that case the knob is retracted and afterwards turned by 90°. A notch is provided for the key to prevent the plunger from turning by error or vibration.

Knurled keyed knob :
High impact strength special technopolymer, black colour, matte finish (standard colour)or red RAL 3000 RT.
Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Knurled knob :
High impact strength polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish (type B, BK). Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Locking nut :
Black-oxide steel.

Other standard executions available :
Threaded drive rod for combination with knobs on customer’s request or to link the rod to an operating mechanism of the machine.
– Version G: without locking nut.
– Version GK: with locking nut.

Plunger :
Hardened ground steel. Suggested matching hole in H8 tolerance.

Standard versions available :
– Type B: with knob, without locking nut.
– Type BK: with knob and locking nut, ISO 8675.
– Type C: with knob, without locking nut.
– Type CK: with knob and locking nut, ISO 8675.


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